Our Projects

Up until 2013, Winderup exclusively worked for our clients, building custom, made to order, software solutions. With the launch of NYOutdoorTalk.com, Winderup entered new territory: creating our own original work to reach niche markets.


NYOutdoorTalk.com was created as an online community for those who hunt, fish, and trap in New York State. It boasts blogs, news, photos, videos, an event calendar, and a growing list of additional features. NYOutdoorTalk.com is built on Winderup's own CMS, and is the first of many sites slated to use this technology.

NYOutdoorTalk.com Phone App

We're working on a Phone App for NYOutdoorTalk.com. It will first be released for the iPhone, then Android. It should make viewing and updating of site content, while in a treestand, or ice shanty much easier than navigating a website.